Self-described as a continuous “work in progress”, Amosene, (Amy) has learned how to find deep satisfaction by putting first things first in each area of her life.  She has personally discovered that God’s Word is truly “living and active and more powerful than a two-edged sword.” In fact, that “sword” is much like a precision surgical knife that when turned on ourselves excises the lies we believe and replaces them with truth.

As a popular workshop, conference and retreat speaker, Amy has a passion for encouraging others with these life-changing truths. It is her desire to help them dig beneath the surface to find greater balance and purpose in all the dimensions of their lives. Years of mentoring and teaching have earned her the reputation of being a “Virtuous Woman”.
In 2004, in response to her desire for un-churched and unsaved women to hear about Christ, and also her desire to unite women of various religious backgrounds, Amy initiated her first women conference. This dynamic outreach tool has produced many events in the city of Huntsville and provides an opportunity for Christian women to share their faith with friends, family and co-workers in a “non-denominational” setting. Amy loves partnering with women’s ministry leaders to host outreach events in their own churches using this very effective model.

 Amy’s personal transparency, natural style and sense of humor allow her to address a myriad of subjects with ease. Her audiences are both comforted and challenged by her passionate and practical approach to real life issues. She believes all the answers to life can be found in God’s Word and shares those truths in creative and memorable ways.

Amy is a teacher at heart. She loves presenting information and retrieving feedback to educate her listeners as they become more aware of life.  Her reputation for integrating living truths of Scripture with real life and her willingness to “go deep” and authentically share her own journey has endeared her in the hearts of many.

Professional Experience
With over 25 years in the field of Education, Amy’s professional experience is diverse and includes many years in both private and public schools as a teacher, speech and language pathologist, principal and director of special education.

Personal Experience
Amy and her husband Bobby have three children and one grandson and live in Huntsville, Alabama. They are active in their local church as Pastor and First Lady and also welcome opportunities to speak together.