Rise and shine and give God the glory!

The Lord said, “Write the vision and make it plain, so that all who read it may run with the vision! Catch this vision and run with it!
This is the “Year of Divine Completion”. In this season God will command blessings to come upon us and overtake us! In the manifestation of this season there are three specific and notable demonstrations to look for:The “walls will fall down flat” and we will begin to “walk straightforward” into miracles and blessings! We will not have to climb over walls!

  • The things that have impeded our progress will be brought down and removed! Joshua 6: 20.
  • God will do things “quickly” now! It may have taken you a long time to get where you are, but it will not take long to get where you are going now! Romans 9: 28.
  • We shall bring forth! No longer will you get close to things and never possess them! No longer will vision, and purpose, and destiny die inside of you! In this season we shall give birth! We shall produce! We shall come forth and we shall bring forth all that God has put in us! Isaiah 66: 9.

Pastor Bobby R. Sledge